together we'll make it

Design & Digital Crafts for your project

unique designs / 3D scans / 360 photography / large format 3D printing / ceramic 3D prints / talks & workshop

How much do you have in mind to spend on design for this project?


We will shape your idea, and design it for Digital Fabrication. 


Let’s get together and organize an event at your place, and let everyone play around a 3DPrinter. 

For Schools: We can organize a full day event or a week-long workshop to use and abuse digital fabrication tools. 3D Printer included! You keep it.

For companies: cunicode will come to your place with a portable 3DPrinter, give a talk, start a discussion on the future of manufacturing and work with your team to explore future applications of Digital Fabrication for your business.


How will your business will benefit from Digital Fabrication?
How could your product be produced with additive manufacturing?
How can you business personalize its offer to your customers?
Will your product be downloadable someday?
cunicode will work with you to answer these questions and implement innovative solutions.