10th International Fab Lab Conference & Fab Festival


During one week, Barcelona hosted hundreds of events that gathered a talented crowd around digital fabrication, 3D printing and open and accessible technologies. 

The event brought together the international Fab Lab community which has more than 350 laboratories based in more than 40 countries in the world to share and discuss about theory and practice of open fabrication. Also, there was a fabKids camp, and the International fab Awards. The weekend hosted the Fab Festival with a fantastic selection of workshop, talks and demos. The fab 10 ended with the fab city Symposium

Cunicode participated at the Fab Festival, showcasing some pieces and projects.

The whole week was full of great projects and workshops:

Fab City Symposium

The Fab City Symposium took place at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, as a one-day event focused on the principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication. With special focus on rethinking the role of technology, policy and society in the development of Self-Sufficiency strategies for productive cities.

My favorite talk: Bruce Sterling, talking about the politics of smart cities, questioning the audience on how smart is to offshore the smartness of your city to Silicon Valley , and launching a call to the maker community to get political, now.

The real problem is that "Smart" has no loyal opposition; you can't say "I don't like the smart thing and I prefer to be dumb". That means that the actual political struggle is being obscured.

Find all Fab Sympossium videos here:  

Start with Neil Gershenfeld's "State of Fab Labs"

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