Trophy Design | Premis Butaca

To celebrate the 20th edition of "Premis Butaca" (an annual theater award in Barcelona), cunicode partnered with TallerEstudi to revisit their iconic armchair-shaped trophy.

During the last seven years, contemporary ceramist Martií Baltà has produced the trophy in ceramics.
For the 2014 edition we 3D scanned the original piece and then digitally edited into a wireframe to be 3D printed in nylon with SLS.

The scan was done initially with a Kinect RGBDepth sensor using the ReconstructMe software (but it didn't' work), then we tried using Autodesk's 123D.Catch (which also failed), and finally we successfully used the Structure sensor. [borrowed by FabCafeBCN].

Clay model | captured with photogrammetry 

The scan was done in two pieces that were then joined using MeshLab's fantastic "Scan Alignment" feature. The wireframe thickening was done with MeshMixer.

The pieces were then dyed in bright red, and mounted into a black lacquer wood base.
A total of 27 pieces were produced and awarded.

SLS / Red

Designed by Bernat Cuni and Martí Baltà.
3D Printed by Fundacio CIM | using their online platform OBDEA