cunicode & Uformit - personalized design

cunicode collaborates with Uformit to design unique pieces for their platform.
Uformit is an online marketplace and platform for personalized design.

Uformit is powered by Uformia's geometric kernel, developed specifically focusing on 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies.

For a designer, the power behind Uformit is that you can easily turn your pieces into fully dynamic, interactive and personalized online design apps in a few clicks.

The designs are made in Rhino3D, using Uformia's Symvol plugin.

The first product cunicode launched on Uformit is the Polar Pendant, a geometrically beautiful and unique piece created by two toruses twirling in the void. 

Here some interesting iterations of the same design: Simple / Complex

Uformit welcomes designers to join their platform,
please contact me if interested.