some works

design for 3D Printing


One Coffee Cup a Day

Experiment on creativity and rapid manufacturing,
by ideating, designing, modeling and making available for production and purchase a coffee cup within 24 hours, everyday during one month.

3D Printed in Ceramics


Tangible Cartography - 3D Printed Terrain

B2C platform to generate terrain from GPX files and map locations.

Crayon Creatures

3D Printed Figurines from Children’s Drawings
A service to turn wonderful drawings into awesome figurines; nice looking designer objects to decorate the home and office with a colorful touch of wild creativity.

Moon Ring

A Topographically correct slice of Moon.

Silver / 3D Printed - production on demand 

Flint, Hive & bubbles

A generative 3D Printed ceramic tableware


Ongoing research project to identify the aesthetics and possibilities of Additive Manufacturing processes in jewelry production.


webApp to turn photos into physical pixel sculptures

Stellate Collection

3D-Printed Home Accessories

Beautiful Failures

A photographic collection of discarded pieces made with a domestic 3D Printer. 


3D Printed handAxe 

Commissions / Collabs / Workshops / Talks / Articles

In parallel to his creative practice, Bernat's works have been featured in publications like the Wired Magazine, and exhibited in several museums like the Science Museum London or the Design Museum in Barcelona.
Bernat has also been invited to speak at international conferences on Design and Additive Manufacturing. He is available for commission projects and workshops.

Bernat Cuni  designer  digital craftsmanship

Bernat Cuni
digital craftsmanship

Designer with expertise in the fields of product design, eco-design and design entrepreneurship.
Currently engaged in experimenting with generative design, creative coding and digital fabrication.