Generative collection, designed with code, 3D printed in Stoneware.

Pieces composed by the random combination of nine basic units, placed around a cylinder.

Each piece is unique and exists within an immense landscape of millions of possible different combinations.

  • Material: Stoneware

  • Printed by: bcn3Dceramics

  • Software: Rhino3D / Grasshopper

  • Machine: PotterBot 3D printer

  • Design by: Bernat Cuni

  • Exhibited at: Argillà Argentona - International ceramics fair


148.791.629.670.981.130.805.037.453.479.575.340 possible combinations.


One hundred and forty eight decillion, seven hundred and ninety one nonillion, six hundred and twenty nine octillion, six hundred and seventy septillion, nine hundred and eighty one sextillion, one hundred and thirty quintillion, eight hundred and five quadrillion, and thirty seven trillion, four hundred and fifty three billion, four hundred and seventy nine million, five hundred and seventy five thousand, three hundred and forty.


66.305.137.490.523.096 possible combinations.


sixty-six quadrillion, three hundred and five trillion, one hundred and thirty-seven billion, four hundred and ninety million, five hundred and twenty-three thousand, one hundred and four

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