beautiful failures | accidental 3D Prints

A photographic collection of discarded pieces made with a domestic 3D Printer. 

Back in 2011 I got my first DIY 3DPrinter, an Ultimaker, a very nice piece of hardware that builds whatever I command.

Mastering a 3DPrinter is a craft; it is earning a set of skills coupled with a set of tools.
In the process of domesticating my 3D Printer I had to figtht with hundreds of variables, thousands of settings and millions of lines of GCode.

I can’t describe well enough the joy of getting your first object 3D printed as intended, but it is a huge success.

But, on the path to get the perfect 3D-Print, many meters of filament get piled up as discarded disappointments,
as bastard objects that never were,
as unborn half-things…

… and they are beautiful.

Ever since I first saw a 3D-printed object, I’ve been fascinated by the layered look & feel.
As a designer I call for honesty on product's aesthetics, I tend to like things that don’t hide their nature. Same with 3DPrinted objects, I like the texture and finishing of additive manufacturing, specially FDM (Fused-Deposition-Modeling).

nice? I also made a book.