3D Print for Creative Agencies & Studios

Use 3D Printing in your next project, we help you by designing and preparing 3D models ready for 3D printing.

🛠 Problem: You want to use 3D Printing but don’t know how to start.

⚡️ Solution: We will assess if the project is doable or no and help you to make it real.

✏️ About us: We have extensive experience with 3D Printing in multiple projects.

🤔 You are an agency and got a fantastic project, and are thinking to use 3D printing: either to make a trophy for an event, create props for a photoshoot, or produce a short batch of items for a campaign.

Great idea! Probably everyone in the team has heard about 3D Printing, but most likely no one knows how to execute it :(

so, you might have some of the following questions:

  • - which materials shall we use?

  • - can we make something in colour?

  • - can we make something with metal?

  • - can we make something with ceramics?

  • - can we make something with flexible material?

  • - where to 3D Print?

  • - how expensive can it be?

You might have some talented designers on your team, and hopefully some master 3D modelling applications.

Sounds perfect, you should be ready to roll, but turns out that none of them have extensive experience with 3D Printing :( thus, there's a high probability that what they can design can't be 3D Printed due to constrains on the 3D Printing process.

So, your designers might have some of the following questions:

  • - how to create something to be 3D Printed?

  • - can I print multiple parts in one go?

  • - can my design have interlocking parts?

  • - what is the appropriate wall thickness?

  • - can the model be solid?

  • - shall the model be hollow?

  • - what is a "watertight" 3D model?

  • - how to remove manifold edges?

👍 We have extensive experience with 3D Printing in multiple materials, we have produced unique parts for clients, master pieces for molds, small batch series for product launches, personalised trophies, jewerly and ceramic products.

  • We will help you to assess if the project is doable or not. - for free -

  • Choose the appropriate material.

  • Design and 3D model for an optimal 3D printing.

  • Find a 3D Printing provider near you.

  • And help you produce the parts.

How it works:

You will work with a skilled product designer to create a design for your project.
We can start from scratch or evolve a product and re-design it for 3D Printing.

1 / Consultation / free

  • Assess if 3D printing is the best tech for your project.

  • -> Chat with us, or schedule a quick meeting to discuss your thoughts.

2 / Project Brief

  • Understand project goals.

  • Design inspiration.

  • Define materials.

  • Estimate production costs.

3 / Design phase

  • An expert 3D modeller will envision and prepare your design.

  • Iterative sessions where you will provide feedback in order to match expectations before production.

  • We will deliver a 3D file along with a final quotation of the production costs.

4 / Production & Shipping

  • 3D Printed parts are made and delivered.

  • We will help you order the 3D Printed products with the 3D Printing bureau that best fits your needs.

  • Our production partners are in USA and EU, and serve globally.

What you get:

  • Up to 3 design iterations

  • Ownership of the digital 3D file.

  • Printability guarantee

  • *cost of 3D printing is not included

Approximate costs:

As a solution-based studio, we understand that price greatly depends on complexity of the problem to be solved, nevertheless, our experience creating designs for 3D Printing, allows us to set a tiered-price, that works in most cases:

3D Doctor:
> 1000 €

Projects where a 3D file is provided and needs minor tweaks to make it 3D printable (i.e Generate a valid geometry, thickness, hollow a model...)

Sketch to 3D:
> 5000 €

Projects where a clear idea, style and dimensions of the final object is drafted and needs to be modelled specifically for 3D Printing.

Concept to 3D:
> 9000 €

Projects where no prior design work has been done and ideation + design + modelling is needed.