Artificial Scarcity Store

A random creation,
temporarily available for purchase.

Launched Today:
- available for few days, until the next update.

Too Late:
- not available anymore

What is this?

This is a, you can buy what has been launched today, and it will be shipped to your door, like any other online store. *here the details

But beware, today’s item will be replaced by a new one tomorrow; and it won’t be available anymore, ever.

All items are unique to this site, and exclusively deigned by Bernat Cuni.

Mainly it is a store of things that can’t be bought, except for one.

It is an ongoing experiment on design, digital fabrication, consumerism, globalisation, social networks & niche markets.

The Artificial Scarcity Store is supposed to trigger different reactions:

  • Some, moved by a FOMO, might feel unconfortable knowing that today’s piece will become unavailable tomorrow.

  • Others, facing the paradox of choice, might feel uneasy with the thought that tomorrow’s piece could be better than today’s one, and are unable to make a decision.

I’m thankful to you, the ones who get it.

For me, the main driver is crativity.

The Artificial Scarcity Store is a daily challenge where to place my whatevers and sidekick ideas turned into buyable items. The ultimate reason to make them temporarily available is to not clutter my headspace, and have less things to manage.

Technically, I use a network of providers to fabricate and ship the goods.

A design can be turned into multiple items:

  • if it is a graphic that gets printed on a product, I tend to use Society6

  • if it is a 3D model, I usually use Shapeways as a production partner, or I might post it on Sketchfab if it is an asset that could be used by other 3D developers.

  • If it is digital content, like a DesktopWallpaper or a 3D model, I host it locally at this site, or I might use pay-links to make a file downloadable.

I hope you enjoy the Artificial Scarcity Store, contact for any question/comment.

Store Details

  • Payments are securely processed and encrypted by Squarespace.

  • Delivery times is about 2 weeks (for US orders), add another week if ordering from the rest of the world.

  • Orders can be cancelled within 24h.

  • Customer service is a priority, if something goes wrong with the product we’ll try to solve it, and issue a partial or full refund accordingly.

  • All items are fabricated by 3rd parties.